Enviotin Capsules

Who are using Enviotin capsules?

Home growers

Enviotin capsules are easy to use

We provide a convenient way for nutrient application to any kind of plants. Each Enviotin capsule contains a balance of natural macro and micronutrients that are captured from brewery by-products. 

  • Use one capsule per pot (4”)
  • Insert a pen into soil close to the root to make a hole
  • Insert capsule and cover with soil
  • Repeat every month

How to use Enviotin capsules: watch video


"We wanted to share our wonderful experience with Enviotin. This was our first summer using Enviotin in our garden. As you can see our geraniums thrived; full of colour, so many buds and even growth. This picture was taken at the end of August, even now as we approach mid-October they are healthy and blooming as if it were still summer. We also used Enviotin for our outdoor herbs; basil, thyme, rosemary and chives. All grew beautifully and are still flourishing. This was the first time all our herbs survived the entire summer, we are right on the beach where salt air can limit growth and survival of many plants. We will certainly continue to use Enviotin for our garden and highly recommend all to try!!" (Koster Family, Home Grower, British Columbia).

Take care of basil plants with Enviotin capsules

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