Enviotin Powder

Who is currently using Enviotin powder?

Greenhouse growers 

Enviotin powder is easy to use

We provide a convenient way for Enviotin application to any kind of plant by mixing the product with soil. The Enviotin-soil mixture for example: 1:100 ratio can be used as a growth medium or top soil.

The suggested application rate is as follows: 

  • Use the ratio of Enviotin and soil is between 1:100 and 1:200.

    • For the 1:100 ratio, mix 0.5 kg (1.1 lb) Enviotin with 50 kg (110 lb) of soil. 
    • For the 1:200 ratio, mix 0.5 kg (1.1 lb) Enviotin with 100 kg (2200 lb) of soil. 
  • This mixture can be used on all potted plants including ornament plants, vegetables, and etc. 

  • Enviotin can be used alone or together with other plant nutrients and probiotics (beneficial microbes). However, the application should be adjusted to other components or composition of soil nutrients. 

  • Enviotin (500g) treats between 500 and 1000 plants in 4” pots (from seedling stage to harvest)

Testimonial from Greenhouse Grower

“Incorporating Enviotin into the soil provided a broad spectrum fertilizer boost that carried over the plants until they were rooted enough to receive irrigation with fertilizers. The results of a couple trials were encouraging, with a greater root mass developed with the Enviotin use which resulted in healthier foliage (leaf color and size) and reduced the number of second grade plants. We are encouraged by the performance of Enviotin on the Chrysanthemums. The material was easy to work with and we were especially drawn to it because it is sustainably sourced. We are performing trials on other potted crops with the goal of being able to incorporate Enviotin in the potting soil of most of our crops.”  (Ken Van der Ende, Owner & Grower at Burnaby Lake Greenhouse Ltd)

Take care of potted plants using Enviotin powder

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