Helping Growers, Large and Small

Nutrienvisus provides a new alternative for advanced organic crop production, where growers can improve the selling proposition of their products to customers (bigger and healthier plants and increased plant shelf-life) and at the same time, growers can increase profits (lowered cost production due to less plant loss, and more uniform plant growth to ensure reduced harvesting time), while using eco-friendly products.

Our Brands

All-in-One Bioorganic Plant Nutrients (Precision-Formulated) that you can always trust for your commercial crop productions and your gardens.


It is a complete and balanced nutritional composition for plant growth in one package. It is a natural and sustainable ingredient that includes all the important primary nutrients, secondary nutrients, and trace elements.

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It is a consortium of plant probiotics (Enviotics) to increase the yield and quality of your crops. Get the right Enviotics for your indoor and/or outdoor farms. We offer standard Enviotics (predesigned) and customized Enviotics for your farms.

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  • Satisfy Your Customers

    Supporting growers to deliver high-quality products to their customers.

  • Increase your profits

    More effective and efficient to manage operations and reduce costs by growing reproducible, healthy crops.

  • Eco-friendly

    Growers use a sustainable solution that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.