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Nutrienvisus provides a new alternative for advanced organic crop production, where growers can improve the selling proposition of their products to customers (bigger and healthier plants and increased plant shelf-life) and at the same time, growers can increase profits (lowered cost production due to less plant loss, and more uniform plant growth to ensure reduced harvesting time), while using eco-friendly products.

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Enviotin Plant Health Booster

Enviotin was originally developed for commercial producers, but it is now also available as a convenient and easy to use capsule for beginner and experienced home gardeners. Regularly pop one pill per month into each 4" pot of soil (1-3 more for larger pots), and your plant will handle the rest.  The product is odourless and mess-free, making it ideal for your indoor and outdoor potted plants (flowers, herbs, vegetables, and tropical plants) at home.

Enviotin capsules are now available to purchase at your favorite online stores: plantsome, amazon, ebay, and much more.

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And you can also purchase them at these popular garden centers:

Muldoon Greenhouses Ltd

Devan Greenhouses Ltd

Enviotin Capsules