• Nutrienvisus for Future & Sustainable Agriculture

    Sustainable Agriculture, both NOW & in the FUTURE


Creating natural, eco-friendly, and good balance of organic nutrients for fertile soil and healthy plant growth.

Plants communicate what they need...

Does the whole plant show a loss of colour, with leaves turning pale green?

Are your plants growing unevenly?


Our products provide good balance of ORGANIC nutrients for your crops.

Try it yourself

Enviotin (500 g) treats between 500 to 1000 plants in 4" pots (from seedling stage to harvest).

"We’re excited to see Enviotics plant nutrient in the market. Nutrienvisus has developed Enviotics to give growers a winning solution that helps them improve growth, reduce costs, & offer customer products fertilized with organic, sustainable nutrients."

Ian Hand - Executive Director SFU Venturelabs (2013-2019)

Our commercial fields rely on our partnerships with local greenhouse growers. If you are a greenhouse grower, we would love to hear from you!