How Enviotics help growers

Enviotics are selected environmental probiotics to provide solutions and mitigate challenges for agricultural sectors. Our area of specialty is developing innovative products for diverse crops and challenges.  

1. Standard (predesigned) Enviotics: 

It is a consortium of beneficial non-pathogenic soil Bacillus species. The presence of those selected soil probiotics are known to repress the growth of pathogens, promote and improve the plant growth and health, and lower plant losses during production. 

2. Customized Enviotics:

Our beneficial microbes (probiotics) have been used by many growers. Custom-made Enviotics will be designed for the unique needs and challenges, such as: growth media types (soil and non-soil), pH type, application methods, and much more.  Our scientists are ready to determine the best Enviotics formulation for you. Our products were built with your return on investment, usability, and reputation in mind!

Soil Health

Soil health is fundamental for successful crop production. It is hallmarked by a good balance of nutritional and microbial composition in the soil.

Plant Health

Like other living organisms, plants need beneficial microbes (Enviotics) for their growth and development. Enviotics can establish symbiosis with root plants and provide them with nutrients (biofertilizer) and  stimulate growth (biostimulant). These can benefit growers because they can reduce the use of chemicals, protect the environment and cut down on agricultural production costs, respectively.

The science behind Enviotics

Enviotics naturally improve plant health to increase yield and quality. The product can enhance plant growth through direct and indirect mechanisms.

Direct mechanism is defined as employing those beneficial microbes that result in the direct promotion of plant growth by producing plant growth hormones (auxin, cytokinin, ACC deaminase, gibberellin), increasing NPK availability, (nitrogen fixation, phosphate solubilization, and potassium solubilization), and micronutrient availability (sequestration of iron), availability of nutrients such as: amino acids, monosaccharides, and etc. 

Indirect mechanism includes production of inhibitors,  enzymes, induced systemic resistance/plant defense system, and modulation of plant immune system. These can inhibit and suppress the growth of pathogens naturally.

The use of Enviotics can replenish essential nutrients, good microorganisms in your growth media, maintain root microbiome, prevent plant diseases, increase health and quality of your crops. 

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What people are saying

"We’re excited to see Enviotics plant nutrient in the market. Nutrienvisus has developed Enviotics to give growers a winning solution that helps them improve growth, reduce costs, and offer customer products fertilized with organic, sustainable nutrients."

Ian Hand - Executive Director of SFU Venturelabs (2019)