How Enviotin helps growers

With 100% natural macronutrients and micronutrients, Enviotin promotes soil health and plant health! At Nutrienvisus, we are proud that our Enviotin product allows farmers to (i) increase their profits by increasing quality of plants and reducing their production costs, (ii) satisfy their customers by delivering better plants, (iii) use eco-friendly products that are safe for them and their customers.

Soil Health

Soil health is fundamental for successful crop production. It is hallmarked by a good balance of nutritional and microbial composition in the soil.

Plant Health

Like other living organisms, plants need food for their growth and development. Excellent plant nutrients need to contain both macro and micronutrients to support plant growth and plant health.

The science behind Enviotin, why we need it? 

Nutrienvisus has successfully converted brewery byproducts into organic plant nutrients. Unlike other organic nutrients or fertilizers, Nutrienvisus produces vastly different and superior organic materials because of our high precision in nutrient composition and a pathogen-free product. 

Enviotin's organic nutritional content:

Nitrogen 5%, phosphorus (1%), potassium 1%), calcium (0.14-0.38%), magnesium (0.19-0.26%), sulfur (0.32%) and trace elements such as: zinc, boron, sodium, iron, copper, and manganese.

Organic agriculture is becoming an innovative farming system that can solve increasing problems by chemical fertilizers. Due to the known ability of chemical fertilizers to contribute to a large number of negative effects for human health (such as: cancer) and environmental pollution, a good argument can be made for a more sustainable and ecological solution, safer for humans and the environment (1,2). Additionally, chemical fertilizers are limited to particular plant nutrients (N, P, and K), other essential trace elements (or other nutrients) are missing in chemical fertilizers, contributing to growers encountering issues like uneven  plant growth, chlorosis of leaves, and unhealthy plant growth. If chemical fertilizers are used to produce vegetables and/or fruits, they may have  less nutritional value (less vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium,  phosphorus) (3). Which is why, Nutrienvisus created a precision-formulated organic plant nutrients to solve these emerging issues. 


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