Enviotin Basil Trials with Muldoon Greenhouses Ltd

Enviotin Basil Trials with Muldoon Greenhouses Ltd

Muldoon Greenhouses Ltd Produced High Quality Basil Plants

Nutrienvisus completed a Basil field trial using Enviotin capsules with Muldoon Greenhouses Ltd in 5 weeks (March 22 to April 28, 2022). 

We grouped their Basil products into 3 categories: Fancy grade, Grade 1, and Grade 2 (see Table1 and Figure 1 below) to help us observe the plant quality of Basil plants with and without Enviotin treatments. 

Table 1. Grades of Basil Plants 

Figure 1. Different Basil Grades. Characteristics of these Basil Plants can be seen in Table 1. Image was taken on before harvest (week 5). 


A total of 397 potted Basil plants were observed, with 61 Enviotin capsule-treated plants and 336 non-treated plants. It was not easy to see the difference between treated and non-treated plants since all plants grew really healthy. Therefore on week 5 (April 27), we decided to classify those plants into 3 groups (Fancy Group, Group 1, and Group 2) to help our observations. The final results of our observations can be seen in Table 2. 

Table 2. Results of Enviotin Field Trials at Muldoon Greenhouses Ltd. 

Overall, we observed that Muldoon Greenhouses had produced high quality Basil Plants using their standard potting soil with 95.54% top quality plants (75.89% Fancy Grade and 16.39% Number 1 Grade). The Grade 2 plants from non-treated plants were only 4.46%, most likely due to not enough sunlight (they are located on the edge of greenhouse tables). In this field trial, consistent with our previous Enviotin trials, our Enviotin was great to support plant growth and was able to improve plant quality further to top plant quality plants. 

Although the weather was colder this spring and it was also cloudy (minimum sunlight), those Basil plants grew very well and were very healthy (see Figure 2). 

Figure 2. Enviotin trials on Basil plants (with and without Enviotin), that were located on the middle greenhouses table at the Muldoon Greenhouses Ltd. 


  1. Our Enviotin was able to improve plant quality further to 100% top plant quality plants, eliminate “Grade 2” (4.46%), and increase “Fancy grade” (7.72%)
  2. Cost saving can be obtained from increasing plant grades and from variable and fixed cost.
  3. The post harvest Basil plants had better quality on the Enviotin treated pots, showing exceptionally healthy and vigorous Basil plants which were very well shaped, heavily branched, and densely foliated.

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