Frequently Asked Questions

What products does Nutrienvisus offer?

We offer an organic, broad-range biofertilizer that provides a full spectrum of macro- and micronutrients. It is marketed to greenhouse growers and home growers under the Enviotin® brand name.

We also offer probiotics for plant health under the Enviotics® brand name. The product contains selected beneficial microbes that can colonize roots, promote root development, boost plant health and growth. 

What is Enviotin®?

It is an innovative biofertilizer product! Various organic nutrients are captured from brewery byproducts and blended to produce a complete set of macro- and micronutrients with the precision of natural nutrient compositions (precision-formulated plant nutrients). 

Using next generation sequencing technology, we found out that Enviotin® can support the growth of beneficial microbes in the soil. Thus, Enviotin® can improve soil and plant health.

Our nutrient-rich soil and plant products are made from sustainably-sourced ingredients, derived from the beer brewing process, using our unique technology to create a balanced broad-spectrum biofertilizer at our production facility, BC, Canada.

What is Enviotics®?

Enviotics can function as a conditioner and biostimulant! Selected beneficial microbes are blended to produce a complete set of plant probiotics with the precision of microbial compositions (precision-formulated) for agriculture sectors.

What are the nutritional differences between synthetic chemical fertilizers and biofertlizers?

Synthetic chemical fertilizers are inorganic compounds (salts) such as: ammonium nitrate, ammonium phosphate, and potassium phosphate. Plants can use these synthetic fertilizers as a source of N, P, or K, however, these NPK fertilizers are missing secondary macronutrients and micronutrients, often causing unhealthy plant growth. Synthetic fertilizers have been reported to negatively affect soil microbiomes due to increased salt concentrations in the soil. Over time, synthetic fertilizers may reduce soil quality and fertility, therefore some farmers are switching to biofertilizers. 

On the other hand, biofertilizers are composed of

(i) organic compounds that are the source of plant nutrients and support the growth of soil microbiomes, and/or

(ii) beneficial microbes (bacteria and/or fungi) to increase the concentration of soil microbiomes

Soil microbiomes can improve soil quality and fertility by converting organic compounds into bioavailable macronutrients and micronutrients for plants.

What are the limitations of current on-the-market chemical fertilizers?

Chemical fertilizers can be readily over-applied, causing roots to "burn" or hazardous concentrations due to high salt levels. 

Chemical fertilizers can also release nutrients quickly, creating a great deal of top growth before the roots are able to catch up. This kind of growth often leads to weaker and disease prone plants, with less fruiting. Lastly, they often leach, because they dissolve easily, and release nutrients faster than plants use them. 

What are the limitations of current on-the-market biofertilizers?

The composition of biofertilizers is still highly variable in nutrient and/or microbe composition; this can cause inconsistent crop production. Some biofertilizers, such as: compost and manure, may also contain human and plant pathogens. 

Do Nutrienvisus’s biofertilizer (Enviotin®) work as well as chemical fertilizers that have a high percentage of synthetic nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potash(K)?

The NPK ratio in our Enviotin® is based on the NPK ratio found in nature or in biomolecules that make up live cells. A high NPK concentration does not imply improved plant development and health. Choosing Enviotin® means choosing the natural choice, “the best way to grow healthy plants”.

I am just not comfortable changing my current fertilizer, although your products seem great for greenhouse production. Do you have any suggestions?

Chemical fertilizers are no longer as inexpensive as they used to be. It is time to find a better alternative to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers. If you are not comfortable changing it completely, we suggest reducing your current fertilizer. For example, a 10% reduction in chemical fertilizers and replacing them with Enviotin® in a variety of crops. Nutrienvisus has conducted extensive field trials and commercial trials, email us if you still have questions.

I am already using organic fertilizer/biofertilizer. What is the difference between Enviotin® and other organic fertilizers?

Not only have we produced nutrients from natural ingredients (100% sustainable), but we also have a complete and balanced nutritional composition for plant growth in one package. It is a sustainable nutrient that includes all the important primary nutrients, secondary nutrients, and trace elements! Unlike other organic fertilizers,  Enviotin's nutrient delivery is precise and far more consistent to support plant needs. Additionally, Enviotin is pathogen free, whereas organic fertilizers cannot make the same guarantee.

What are the benefits of using Enviotin® and Enviotics®?

Cost effective:  no additional or reduced cost for various plant supplements and equipment, saves on labour and time, and reduces plant loss. 

Flexible application: Simple and easy to use, no complicated calculations and equipment needed. 

Reproducible crop production with high quality plants: precision-formulated and balanced organic macro and micronutrients that can support healthy soil and healthy plant growth.

Soil prebiotics (Enviotin®): It stimulates good microbes in soil and maintains availability of nutrients in soil to support continuous plant growth. 

Soil probiotics (Enviotics®): Good microbes that growers can add to improve root microbiome and plant health. 

Longer shelf life: It is a concentrated and dried powder nutrient and no refrigeration is needed. It is cost-effective for transportation. 

Sustainable, natural, safe, and smart: It is purely made of sustainably-sourced nutrient ingredients derived from brewery by-products. These natural ingredients are a safe and smart way to grow plants. 

Free from pathogens: Give growers additional confidence and consideration, particularly when growing vegetables and herbs.


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