Enviotin Provides The Best Nutrition Through All Parsley Growth Stages.

Enviotin Provides The Best Nutrition Through All Parsley Growth Stages.

By Nutrienvisus Technologies Inc

Enviotin® is an all-in-one organic plant nutrient that can serve as a broad spectrum fertilizer. It is very effective to promote growth of various plant types in a wide variety of ways. We are very excited to release these trial results. Enviotin clearly improves parsley growth. Parsley is usually used as a garnish, but parsley also plays an important role in the quality of our diet including for treatment and prevention of diseases. 

Our goal in this trial is to produce fresh parsley with no contamination of inorganic chemicals and pathogens, so we can enjoy flavourful and safe parsley anytime. We prevent nutrient deficiencies of parsley plants by incorporating Enviotin into potting soils (1:100). Thirty  seeds were planted into each pot that were treated and non-treated with Enviotin. For our trial, we use non-GMO parsley seeds that were purchased from McKenzie, Manitoba, Canada 


Parsley growth and healthy observation in the presence and absence of Enviotin at 10, 23, and 36 days, respectively. 

Our results showed that Enviotin consistently promotes parsley growth and benefits parsley in numerous ways:

  • Up to 75% larger and taller plants
  • Up to 25% more shoots with 1.5 - 2X thicker stems
  • Up to 100% larger and greener leaves


Enviotin clearly increases the growth rate of parsley and can be harvested earlier than the non-treated one. 

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