Enviotin provides a good balance of organic nutrients for Chrysanthemums

Enviotin provides a good balance of organic nutrients for Chrysanthemums

By: Nutrienvisus Technologies Inc.

Enviotin is an organic product rich in nutrients, including trace elements that are bio-accessible to plants and that promote healthy plant growth.

Commercial Field Trials at Burnaby Lake Greenhouses Ltd

When the Nutrienvisus team came along with their precision-formulated, organic nutrients with the promise of giving Burnaby Lake Greenhouses’ products a non-chemical, eco-friendly boost, they were intrigued. Enviotin was certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute which was a big plus for growers. Their greenhouses are fitted with advanced environmental computers, so it was easy to set up a controlled environment to test Enviotin. 

Our team and Burnaby Lake Greenhouses's growers noticed pretty quickly that Enviotin was making a big difference, compared to the control group. Treated Chrysanthemums were growing bigger and more quickly and were generally healthier. By harvest time, treated plants were generally taller, wider, with more flowers and leaves than non-treated plants. Also, treated plants had more developed roots system than non-treated ones.

We are pleased to hear that the use of Enviotin at Burnaby Lake Greenhouses's operations gave a great experience and solved a yearly struggle for growing Chrysanthemums. 

The below images show our observation after 12 weeks. We observed that Enviotin improved the growth of Chrysanthemum plants and production: reduced time to harvest, increased the uniformity of plant growth, improved the quality of plants, developed a more robust root system, increased the number of flowers (by up to 36%), and increased the number of leaves (by up to 44%). 

    The results of field trials clearly showed that Enviotin can be used to improve efficiency in floriculture crops such as Chrysanthemum plants; giving benefits to both plants and growers - who get an increase in plant quality, profits, a reduction of costs, and a reduction in the use of toxic chemical fertilizers.

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