How do commercial growers begin field trials using our Enviotics®?

How do commercial growers begin field trials using our Enviotics®?

Agricultural challenges are often times disruptive to productivity and profit. The core idea of using our Custom-Enviotics® is identifying the problem and developing workable solutions for growers. 

Our first case study was solving a challenge for cyclamen production at Burnaby Lake Greenhouses Ltd. 

1. Define Problem 

It takes several months after planting cyclamen seedlings until they are ready to be harvested. The harvesting time can be extended due to the uneven growth of cyclamen plants, e.g.: an additional 1 to 2 months of harvesting time. Growers control a number of parameters to solve these issues, such as: watering using adjustable an irrigation system to improve plant quality. Everything that can improve plant uniformity will reduce their cost of production.

2. Determine Cause(s)

Potting media used for growing cyclamen are usually pasteurized to kill weed seeds and pathogens. Pasteurization is important for successful cyclamen production. Unfortunately, the heat treatment can also kill beneficial microbes in the soil. This can cause many issues because the soil becomes infertile. Although there are abundant nutrients in the soil, plants cannot use or absorb them.  Growers identified a need for beneficial microbes (probiotics) in their soil. 

3. Develop Solutions

We discussed potential solutions with growers to bring those beneficial microbes back into the soil. For cyclamen, we prepared Enviotics® that can revive soil and root microbiomes, improve nutrient uptake by plants, and naturally promote plant growth and health. 

3. Perform Trials

From our field trials using around 500 potted cyclamen plants, we discovered the best approach was spraying Enviotics® every two weeks. This application was then tested using more than 5000 potted plants in the commercial trials. Growers also explored the potential use of Enviotics® by mixing it with their soil or other methods. 

4. Choose a solution that can maximize benefits, such as: improving quality of plants and eco-friendly. 

Cyclamens come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours. The market for cyclamen was estimated to be worth USD 17.93 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to grow to be worth USD 26.49 billion by 2029, at a CAGR of 5% over the forecast period of 2022-2029. (source: studies by Data Bridge Market Research). 

With the growing cyclamen market, please email us at, WhatsApp 604 401 1722 to get more information on our Enviotics® that can help your current challenges in your operation.