Pre-order for Envotin is available. Contact us!
Pre-order for Envotin is available. Contact us!
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A superior organic plant supplement, Enviotin, provides what plants need

By: Nutrienvisus Technologies Inc.

Enviotin powder contains organic macro- and micro- nutrients for plants.

Yes... plants can’t talk, but they always communicate what they need. For example, we can use plant leaf characteristics to identify nutritional disorders in the soils / plants. 

- Are their leaves smaller than normal and pale green?  

- Do you see interveinal chlorosis? 

- Does the whole plant show a loss of colour and do leaves turn pale green? 

These characteristics show that your plants need a nutritional and mineral supplement, they need nitrogen, magnesium, and manganese.

Can Enviotin be a solution for your plants?

This summer, we have started Enviotin trials on Arachis hypogaea (peanut plants). Nutritional and mineral deficiencies were detected in the untreated plant and healthy plant growth and leaves were observed in the treated plant with Enviotin.


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  • OMRI-listed for organic product
  • Powder product and easy to use
  • Promotes plant growth
  • Healthy leaves to allow for better photosynthesis so that plant will have a better source of food
  • Can be used to increase nitrogen content of manure or compost

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