Pre-order for Envotin is available. Contact us!
Pre-order for Envotin is available. Contact us!
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Bioorganic plant nutrient, Enviotics, increases Chrysanthemums blooms

By: Nutrienvisus Technologies Inc

When sunlight is sparse in the winter season - it can be challenging for greenhouse growers to get healthy plants.  Can Nutrienvisus’s product help growers? This winter we have performed commercial trials of Enviotics to improve the growth of Chrysanthemum plants during the winter season. Our product works! These photos show how the Chrysanthemum flowers and leaves have grown bigger and healthier with Enviotics.


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Key Benefits for Chrysanthemum Plants:

  • No plant loss due to chlorotic leaves
  • Increase number of flowers 
  • Uniformity in plant growth
  • Reduce time to harvest


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