Grow Healthy and Colorful Poinsettias to Brighten Up Your Holiday Season

Grow Healthy and Colorful Poinsettias to Brighten Up Your Holiday Season

By Nutrienvisus Technologies Inc.

The floral industry was hit hard by Covid-19 at the beginning of this year. When dealing with live products such as potted flowers and/or perishable products such as cut flowers, any delays can be costly. Can poinsettias brighten up your holiday season in 2020?

Ken Van der Ende, the owner of Burnaby Lake Greenhouses Ltd has spent many years in the sector, but he still looks forward to learning about what he should do with their poinsettia crop. Their poinsettias were planted last summer, so that beautiful and healthy poinsettias would be ready for the winter months. There is no denying that colorful poinsettias make excellent festive decorations.

Many things can go wrong in poinsettia production, one of them is root loss (unhealthy root) after transplantation. The health of the rooting systems in poinsettias is crucial over the first ten weeks, and unhealthy rooting systems can have detrimental effects on poinsettias production. If this problem occurs, poinsettias won’t grow at normal rates in September and October. We performed a field trial focusing on the critical establishment of a healthy root system in the month of August to September (Week 1 to 10). Can we avoid these problems in their poinsettia production using Nutrienvisus’ products?

Our primary goal in this trial is to help growers establish healthy roots. We prevent nutrient deficiencies by incorporating Enviotin, and/or Enviotics, into potting soils to nutritionally enrich the rooting environment.

  1. Control without treatment
  2. Treated with Enviotin in soil at 1:200 ratio
  3. Treated with Enviotin in soil at 1:200 ratio, and then sprayed once with Enviotics 

Results: A total of approximately 9500 potted poinsettias were observed in this trial, and about 6500 plants were treated with Nutrienvisus’s precision-formulated organic plant nutrients. In these commercial trials, mirage-red poinsettias treated with our products clearly showed a better rooting system: more uniform and more robust (see below figures).

Rooting system observation in mirage-red poinsettias

Root quality in mirage-red poinsettias with and without treatments

Week 8:

Week 9:


These results improve propagation successes and minimizes losses. Our products also offer a cost-effective way to improve poinsettias production. With a better rooting system, these poinsettias should have a longer shelf life improving plant quality/grade and customer satisfaction.

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