Nutrienvisus Included in Game Changers Report Celebrating Canada’s Female Led Natural and Bio-Based Companies

Nutrienvisus Included in Game Changers Report Celebrating Canada’s Female Led Natural and Bio-Based Companies

Natural Products Canada releases first female-focused report for International Women’s Day

March 8, 2023 – Vancouver, British Columbia-Nutrienvisus is thrilled to announce their inclusion in Game Changers: Leading Companies. Powered by Women, an initiative led by Natural Products Canada (NPC).  This new list of over 100 companies provides an interesting look at the women leading Canada’s growing natural and bio-based industries. Nutrienvisus is one of the top women-led companies changing the world with their natural products. Nutrienvisus is promoting regenerative agriculture as a sustainable solution by using its natural plant nutrients, captured from brewery by-products.

We want to improve the quality and quantity of crop production. We want to reduce waste in the growing process. It’s critical that we make the best use of the limited resources we have available on our planet. -Dr. Lili Mesak, Nutrienvisus Technologies Inc

NPC is a national organization that supports bio-based innovation, and this first of its kind Game Changers report showcases the breadth of female leadership in Canadian companies that are creating economic and social impact through their natural and bio-based products. The report features companies from across the country with products designed for consumers seeking new options for their health and wellness such as food, beauty and personal care items, as well as industrial products such as bio resins and biopesticides that help corporations looking to reduce their carbon footprint and meet their sustainability goals.

“Canadians should be proud of these innovative companies that are delivering better, healthier options for people and the planet,” says Shelley King, CEO, Natural Products Canada.

“The women leading these companies are truly making a difference, and we are very proud to provide this platform to introduce them to new customers and partners.”                  

Game Changers: Leading Companies. Powered by Women is sponsored by TD.

The Game Changers report can be accessed at

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