Healthy Plants Need Healthy Soil

Healthy Plants Need Healthy Soil

By Nutrienvisus Technologies Inc

As all good farmers know, healthy soil is vital for growing healthy plants. However, according to the Soil Association the normalization of agro-chemicals for soil fertilization has both damaged soil health and turned growers' attention away from the importance of soil health. We all know it’s important, but what does good soil health look like?

Fertile soil contains primary nutrients, secondary nutrients, and trace elements which all contribute to the overall health and growth of plants (for more see “Essential Plant Nutrients”). Many plant nutrients/fertilizers offer only primary nutrients with different ratios of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K) that are prominently displayed as three numbers on the package, for examples: 29-0-5, this fertilizer contains 29% N, 0% P, and 5% K. This type of plant nutrient supplement is missing other nutrients that are needed for plant growth. We have to add other nutrients such as: secondary nutrients and trace elements separately. 

A lot of problems can arise because it is easy to add too much nutrients into the soil - as the adage goes, you can have too much of a good thing. This can harm and even kill your plants due to nutrient overdose. The other risk is leftover nutrients that are not incorporated by the plants can leach out into the environment (watersheds) and pollute our water source. 


Enviotin: an all-in-one nutritional package for healthy soil and plants 

Nutrienvisus has created an innovative solution for growers - Enviotin! Not only have we produced nutrients from natural ingredients, but we also have a complete and balanced nutritional composition for plant growth in one package. It is a sustainable nutrient that includes all the important primary nutrients, secondary nutrients, and trace elements!

A single application of Enviotin from seedling to harvest

Enviotin can be used just once to feed plants from seedling to harvest. Enviotin nutrients will be sufficient to support the growth of your potted plants (flowers or herbs). Enviotin powder is simply added into soils with ratios of 1:100 or 1:200, the nutrients continuously give optimum nutrition to build healthy soil and plants.  This ratio will provide a balance of macro and micronutrients throughout the plant growth cycle because healthy soil makes and healthy plants. 

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The numerous benefits of using all-in-one nutritional Enviotin products:

Cost effective:  no additional cost for various plant supplements and equipment, saves on labour and time, and reduces plant loss. 

Easy to use: a very simple and single application, no complicated calculations and equipment needed. 

Reproducible crop production with high quality plants: precision-formulated and balanced organic macro and micronutrients that can support healthy soil and healthy plant growth.

Has prebiotics function: It stimulates good microbes in soil and maintains availability of nutrients in soil to support continuous plant growth. 

Longer shelf life: It is a concentrated and dried powder nutrient and no refrigeration needed. It is cost-effective for transportation. 

Sustainable, natural, safe, and smart: It is purely made of sustainably-sourced nutrient ingredients derived from brewery byproducts. These natural ingredients are a safe and smart way to grow plants. 

Free from pathogens: Give growers additional confidence and consideration, particularly when growing vegetables and herbs.


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