Nutritional Disorders in Chrysanthemums

Nutritional Disorders in Chrysanthemums

By Nutrienvisus Technologies Inc

Chrysanthemums are a beautiful flowering plant. However, without proper care that beauty won't be apparent - growing and caring for Chrysanthemum can have its challenges.

Improper nutrition can yield a lot of unsightly symptoms that can even lead to the untimely deaths of Chrysanthemums. The following tables (Tables 1-4) are a brief, but comprehensive look at what certain nutritional shortcomings can cause in Chrysanthemums.

Table 1. Deficiency of primary nutrients 

Table 2. Deficiency of secondary nutrients

Table 3. Deficiency of micronutrients

Table 4. Excess nutrients 

The Cost of Poor Nutrition

How many plants are you losing per cycle due to nutritional disorders? Below table is an illustration that can happen to Chrysanthemum production.

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